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Driving Online Course

Since im still 24 years old and my international driving license over here is valid only for first 3 months of driving here i had to take an online driving course.

Texas online driving course takes around 6 hours + you need to call them few times during that course to verify verbally (read a couple of lines of numbers and that's it)
There are also 7 "mini exams" where you need to answer 2 questions (each) to make sure you read every slide and watch every video :D

Questions I've got during online course (questions from exam I'm gonna put in different post later :) )

Q: A Class M license permits a person to drive a ...
A: Motorcycle or moped

Q: An instruction permit allows a new driver to operate a vehicle before they obtain their drivers license. They may do this only with someone in the front seat that is ... years of age or older and holds a valid license.
A: 21

Q: What is the distance you must stay behind a fire rescue vehicle?
A: 500 feet

Q: If a pedestrian has entered the crosswalk and light changes, you must continue to grant the pedestrian the right of way.

Q: When turning left at a circular green light, you must yield the right-of-way to traffic approaching from the opposite direction.
A: True.

Q: White broken lines indicate that the adjacent lane is...
A: traveling in the same direction

Q: Signals should be given at least ... feet before turning.
A: 100

Q: Never drive on the left half of the road if you are on a hill or curve.
A: True.

Q: The ... is what happens when you combine the intake of two or more drugs at the same time.
A: Synergistic effect

Q: Alcohol is a ...
A: depressant

Q: Pedestrians should be yielded the right of way in all circumstances.
A: True.

Q: Motor vehicles may not be in a bicycle lane unless they are entering or leaving the highway,preparing to turn or parking where parking is permitted but not in the bicycle lane.
A: True.

Q: Good drivers have a quiet level of efficiency in their actions which derives from:
A: All of the answers (accurate observation, understanding that there is nothing out on the road worth dying over, a good level of attention)

Q: The most dangerous crash to avoid is the ...
A: Head-on crash

Video questions:

Q: In the DWI Game Show, which of the following is a "prize" the contestant leaves with?
A: A room full of memories

Q: The name of the robot in the video is ...
A: Delta V

Q:The car that the narrators are standing in front of the video is a ...
A: Contour


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