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Texas Final Driving Exam - theory

When you complete your online course content you are allowed to take the final driving theory exam. 


     1. You must take the exam in one session.
     2. The exam includes true/false and multiple choice questions.
     3. You must score at least 70% to pass in no more than 3 attempts.

Questions that I've got:

Q: What one item MUST you bring with you when applying for your driving license.
A: Social Security Number

Q: Never drive on the left half of road if:

A: All of the above (pavement markings or No Passing Zone prohibit it , there are two or more traffic lanes traveling in opposite directions, you are within 100 feet, or 5 car lengths of an intersection)

Q: Drivers traveling on a highway that are nearing a stopped emergency vehicle must:

A: Vacate the lane closest to the emergency vehicle

Q: Which of the following is NOT an example of a No Parking Zone?

A: On a side street

Q: Which of the following does NOT have the potential to be a driving distraction?

A: None of the above (hand-held cell phone, hands-free cell phone, GPS device)

Q: If you are involved in a collision, which of the following pieces of information does NOT need to be exchanged with other driver?

A: Social Security Number

Q: The fine for a first conviction of driving without a license is:

A: $200

Q: The Texas Safety Responsibility Law requires Texas drivers to:

A: Carry an automobile liability insurance policy

Q: A driver must signal an intention to turn continuously for the last ... feet prior to turning.

A: 100

Q: .... on the pavement indicates that the adjacent lane is traveling in the opposite direction and passing is permitted.

A: A broken yellow line

Q: A driver should always pass on the .... on two-way road unless otherwise specified.

A: Left.

Q: Refusal to submit to a breath or blood analysis to determine the concentration of alcohol or other drugs in your system will result in a ....

A: Driver license suspension

Q: Which of the following is a possible penalty for a 1st offense DUI by minor?

A: Alcohol awareness course

Q: It is illegal to drive beside a motorcycle....

A: In the same traffic lane

Q: According to Texas law, ..... are entitled to the full use of a lane.

A: Motorcyclists

Q: The shape of a Stop sign is a/an ...

A: Octagon

Q: The shape of a Yield sign is a/an .....

A: Equilateral triangle

Q: The shape of a No Passing sign is a/an ...

A: Pennant

Q: The color of a Do Not Enter sign is ...

A: Red and white

Q: The color of a motorist service sign is :

A: Blue

Q: The color of a Work Zone sign is:

A: Orange

Q: What is the shape of a sign that warns you a divided highway is beginning?

A: Diamond

Q: A sign warning you that there is a place where two roadways traveling in the same direction are coming together has ... on it.

A: Arrows

Q: When you see a sign that tells you the road curves ahead to the right then the left you should :

A: All of above (slow down, keep right, do not pass)

Q: A long rectangular, yellow sign with diagonal black on it means:

A: The guardrails pf a narrow bridge are ending

Q: A sign that tells you there is a low place in the road ahead... on it

A: The word, "DIP"

Q: A yellow diamond shaped sign with a black picture of a truck on it means:

A: Trucks may be entering the highway here.

Q: What does a sign that warns you of a bridge ahead that narrower than the road look like?

A: It's a yellow and black diamond with a picture of a road that is narrowed in the middle on it.

Q: When you see a sign that says Road Narrows you should:

A: Slow down.

Q: What does a sign that warns of a disabled person crossing look like?

A: A yellow diamond with a black picture of a person in a wheel chair on it.

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